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Southern Estonia is a real holidaymakers' paradise, offering a rich selection of different holiday homes, which are suitable for larger groups as well as for a romantic couple's trip. Here you can find something for everyone - whether it's a luxurious country house with a sauna and a hot tub or a simple and cozy summer house by the forest. Holiday homes offer a great opportunity to be away from ordinary life and enjoy peace and the beauty of nature.

Southern Estonia is known for its rich history, cultural heritage and picturesque nature. Here you can find both wild bog and lake areas as well as the charm of idyllic country villages and small towns. The holiday homes provide a great base from which to explore these treasures.

Vanaküla Holiday House with sauna and barrel sauna

  • Introduction: Spacious holiday home in a beautiful natural location, ideal for larger groups.
  • Rating: 8.6/10 based on 73 reviews
  • Pluses: Great location, spacious and clean, with a good sauna and hot tub.
  • Minuses: Some visitors mentioned that the pictures do not do the house justice.

Look closer - Vanaküla Holiday House with sauna and barrel sauna

Cozy Little House Meex

  • Introduction: A small and cozy cabin that offers a private vacation in the lap of nature.
  • Rating: 9.7/10 based on 19 reviews
  • Pluses: Highly rated for its intimate atmosphere and amenities.
  • Minuses: Limited space that may be cramped for larger groups.

Lebola Rest House

  • Introduction: A holiday home that offers amenities and activities for the whole family.
  • Rating: 9.3/10 based on 52 reviews
  • Pluses: Versatile activities and amenities, good location.
  • Minuses: Some visitors would like more privacy.


  • Introduction: A luxury villa that offers high-end accommodation and services.
  • Rating: 8.7/10 based on 288 reviews
  • Pluses: Highly rated for amenities and service.
  • Minuses: Higher price compared to other accommodation.

Tindio Valley Resort

  • Introduction: An exclusive resort offering luxurious relaxation and privacy.
  • Rating: 9.7/10 based on 13 reviews
  • Pluses: Highly rated location, privacy and luxury amenities.
  • Minuses: Higher price and limited availability.

The ABC of renting a holiday home

Renting a vacation home is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to spend your vacation. Unlike hotel rooms, vacation homes offer much more privacy, space and opportunities to cook your own food. Also, holiday homes are much easier to find than hotels, especially if you want to be away from the big centers.

The process of renting a holiday home is mostly simple - you have to find a suitable offer, check the availability on the desired dates, book and pay in advance. Many holiday homes also offer additional services such as cleaning, bringing firewood or preheating the sauna. For large groups, it is especially convenient if all accommodation is organized under one roof.

The charm of lakeside holiday homes

South Estonia's many lakes offer vacationers a real experience of closeness to nature. Holiday homes by the lakes allow you to enjoy the views of the water body, cool off in the water and engage in water activities such as boating, fishing or bathing. Waking up in the morning and listening in the evening by the lake is a true experience of the peace of nature.

In addition to the beautiful view, lakeside vacation homes also offer other advantages - you can use your own boat or canoe, enjoy a bonfire and barbecue, and just be away from the daily routine. Many of these houses also offer a sauna, which adds extra relaxation.

Holiday homes with sauna: the ultimate in relaxation

The sauna definitely belongs to Estonian cultural heritage, and holiday homes offer the opportunity to enjoy this tradition. Many holiday homes in Southern Estonia are equipped with their own sauna, which allows vacationers to enjoy its calming and cleansing effect.

Holiday homes with a sauna are the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing and restorative vacation. After a visit to the sauna, it's nice to head to the cold water or the hot tub to completely restore your body and mind. A sauna evening can also be a great joint activity with family or friends, where you can share stories and enjoy each other's company.

Many holiday homes with a sauna are also located in beautiful natural environments, which in turn adds to relaxation and recovery. A view of a lake or a forest helps the mind wander beyond everyday worries.

Vacation homes with a hot tub: a luxurious vacation in nature

A luxurious vacation in nature is available in the holiday homes of South Estonia, where the possibility of using a hot tub is offered. Sitting in a warm water barrel in the fresh air is a real experience of physical and mental recovery.

The hot tubs offer privacy and seclusion, allowing vacationers to fully relax and enjoy the serenity. These vacation homes are often located next to beautiful views and natural surroundings, which adds an additional charm to the experience.

Many vacation homes with hot tubs also offer other luxury options such as a sauna, massage services or even their own indoor swimming pool. This makes them an ideal choice for romantic getaways for couples or celebrating special anniversaries.

Private holiday home: an ideal vacation spot

Privacy and seclusion are important components of enjoying a holiday, and South Estonian holiday homes offer it perfectly. Private vacation homes are often located away from major centers, offering peace and quiet, where you can be completely away from everyday responsibilities.

A private holiday home is the perfect choice for those looking for a peaceful and stress-free holiday. Here you can enjoy your space and time, cook your own food, engage in hobbies or just be. Privacy also allows you to spend more quality time with family or friends.

Many private holiday homes are also located in a beautiful natural environment, offering opportunities such as walking in the forest or by the lake, barbecue evenings or making a fire. It helps in complete recovery and renewal.