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Are you looking for the perfect place to relax and spend time with friends or family? Renting sauna houses is the best choice for a vacation. It offers a private and cozy environment where you can enjoy the warmth and relaxation, whether it is a steam room, a small sauna or a luxurious private sauna. In addition, we also offer a barrel sauna rental and a sauna on a trailer, which is an ideal choice for large events. Whether you need a sauna house rental, a rental sauna or a barrel sauna rental, we have something for you. 

Sauna houses: Comfort and Privacy

Sauna houses are a great choice if you want to enjoy comfort and privacy. They are usually equipped with everything you need, including a shower, changing room and lounge. Renting a sauna house is perfect for families and groups of friends.

Different sauna types: from steam sauna to barrel sauna

  1. Steam bath: This is a classic sauna where you can enjoy hot steam. A steam bath is usually part of a larger house or vacation home.
  2. Barrel sauna: If you want something special, try a barrel sauna! This is a small sauna, usually located in nature. In the barrel sauna, you can enjoy the steam and the view of the surrounding nature.
  3. Trailer sauna: If you want a mobile solution, a caravan is a good choice. It is a simple and convenient way to enjoy sauna pleasures, because the sauna is mounted on a trailer.

Sauna Rental Options

  • Sauna house rent: If you want more space and complete comfort, choose a sauna house. They are suitable for larger groups and longer vacations.
  • Barrel sauna rental: If you want a unique experience in nature, choose a barrel sauna. It is a romantic and cozy way to enjoy sauna pleasures.
  • Trailer sauna rental: If you want a simple and quick solution, a caravan is ideal. You can install it in your garden or anywhere else as you wish.